Policies & Advice

Many businesses do not run a structured company vehicle policy and the acquisition and on-going management of company vehicles is often looked after by an individual as part of a wider job function.

Adding process and structure to the procurement and management of company vehicles can help reduce costs whilst helping the business, and its employees, meet their legal obligations.

Partnering with Fleet Financial allows us to provide you with advise and flexibility around procurement, financing and understanding of up to date regulatory information regarding your company vehicles.

This includes advice and guidance on:

  • Structured company vehicle bandings
  • Co2, Benefit in Kind and Taxation information
  • Fuel Policies
  • Management of Occupational Road Risk and Health and Safety
  • Identification, recording and management of Grey Fleet and Driver Risk Management
  • The design and implementation of company vehicle policies including driver responsibilities.

Working with Account Managers and our partners, Fleet Financial aim to be your first choice in managing your company vehicles. A trusted supplier who is there to offer support and advise at every stage.

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